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Yes, it is hard to know what to do.

People talking about the overuse of antibiotics tend to overlook the lives they save. Bacterial infections kill. I would be dead of nephritis, years back now, without them. Without them, woman die after childbirth. Without them, babies die pneumonia.

I am, myself, brewing up a nice strep throat. I am going to trot on down to the doctor tomorrow, and get a Z-pac for it. But first they will test me to make sure. Neither they, nor I, want to take anything for no reason. If the test comes back negative for strep I will not whine. I will wait the bug out. Antibiotics are no use on an unknown virus critter. (But it is strep-- it is. I have had strep throat about 20 times. I know how it feels. Before you ask, no exaggeration. When we lived in Illinois we had a friendly sailor neighbor who was a passive carrier. He never got sick, but I got strep in my ear/throat every time he so much as waved at me!)

So there is no need for me to worry. It can be fixed. Or it is self-limiting. One or the other. I don't have to die of it, as G. Washington did.

Anyway, this article makes some new points. It is an ugly read-- for lots of reasons. It describes medical experimentation on kids-- for one thing. (And on sailors for another, which I suspect they still do.)

Bear in mind, also, it is an opinion piece. The facts are there-- but the conclusions are those of the author and his editor. It seems to me that the conclusions are correct.

Let me know what you guys think, if you read it. The link between size gain and antibiotics is new to me. Did you all know of it already?
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