eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Pillow Talk

Title: Pillow Talk

Author Eglantine_br

Drabble 100 words

Upstairs room, Goat and Spar,


“Where've you been?”

Archie was black and silver in the meager moonlight. His voice was slurred with sleep, blunted by the pillow under his chin.

“Had to piss, freezing out there.”

“Ahh-- you are like ice! Why didn't you use the pot?”

“Didn't want to wake you.”

Archie gave a breathless laugh.

“Well, we can see how well that went. No-- come here you freezing thing. Let me-- oh. Cold fingers!”


“No.” Archie was breathless now. “No-- put them back.”

“Like this?”


Tags: archie/horatio, fiction

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