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We need a better plan

Fear has a particular sound. I could not tell what she was saying, but she was making begging weeping words. I thought someone was being threatened. I opened my door. it was not what I dreaded

A man who lives above me has been ill all week. He just swooned and fell down the stairs. He is obviously dizzy, seems shocky. His gf refused when I offered to call an ambulance. She says they cannot afford it. I offered them a blanket. They said no. The man apologized. They seem so scared. He kept trying to stand up, the way a horse does, out of habit. Lurching. She kept telling him to sit down and rest more. He is covered with cold sick sweat. I could see it from my doorway. I know how it feels.

We have to pay for ambulances too, of course. But not right away. And compared to the cost of the ER they are nothing. Our ER is covered by insurance.  The ambulance is not just a ride to the doctor. It can save your life on the way. So I feel no shame or hesitation in calling an ambulance. I just stick the bills in a drawer. I pay them when I can, like everyone else in the USA.

Today, at my house, we are well. I am damn grateful.
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