eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Nibble nibble little mouse

Cleaned my refrig today. Learned several things.

I have one lemon. Someone has been eating them(?)

On the upside, I have way more turnips than I thought. Turnips have a shy and modest nature, unlike a show-off lemon. They lurk at the bottom of the veggie drawer. 'No hurry,' the turnips say, 'I can wait.'

Also, the dulce de leche in the jar in the back looked innocent, but was poised to kill us all!

I know that I have been scant of writing lately. I even missed the Valentine food thing. I will get my head back right pretty soon. I like myself better when I am working on some sort of story. I have kind of spent this month resting. I have ideas, but they are fragmentary, and I cannot seem to squeeze them into the right kind of clumps. They will clump, if I turn my attention away, they just don't want to do it when I am watching.
Tags: family, very silly, writing about writing instead of writing

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