eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Some teenager, working when they should have been out socialising

So, some pimply kid was out working in the family arbor, wiped the sweat away, and transferred pimple bacteria to the grape plant. It snuggled down happily and has been there for  7,000 years.

I find that really cool.

I wonder who the teen was. I wonder if they ate the grapes that day, I can almost imagine the feeling of standing, barefoot in the sun, and the smell of the heated fruit and leaves all around. Maybe they were happy that day, picking grapes. Or maybe they were sullen because nobody understood them, They had other things to do-- important things-- and they were made to do  chores. Zits seem not to have changed, I doubt teen angst has either.

Anyway, I am probably reading way to much into it, What do you all think?
Tags: real life, very silly
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