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But...I thought everybody liked that

Yesterday was Mikes first day back at school since before Christmas. He was eager to go. Despite being very tired at the end of a day's work he grooves on being taught things.

Yesterday also marked the first day that the whole family felt healthy, since early January. (Mike still has a broken rib healing, from when he broke it coughing, but even that is much better.)

So I had an energy burst. I got some writing done that I was pleased with, and mopped most of the apartment. I arranged for the replacement of our dishwasher, per the court order. They said 'Yes we will give you a dishwasher, but we will raise your rent next year' given that we are already paying extra rent for the pleasure of the (now broken,) dishwasher, this is not ideal. But that is six months out, who knows what the situation will be by then. I think they said it mostly to save face. I am willing to allow them their pride if they replace my dishwasher. Also the landlord's spokesmouth who came to my door is afraid of Hazel-- He is not a very nice man, so that makes it funny.

After this-- while the writing was sloshing around in my mind, I decided to make petit fours. I have wanted to try making them for a really long time, I just the love the idea that I can create tiny fiddly little cakes. And since i discovered how to make fondant I have been eager to try it on them. It is like play-doh that you can actually eat. It is just so fun to goof with.

So I did. And I can see that it is going to take practice to get them looking good.They turned out quite shaggy and rustic which is not how they are supposed to be at all. Practice will fix that. They tasted really good though. I made a coffee cream filling for them, and put the fondant over the cake and that. Met with approval from kids, and I thought they tasted fine.

Had forgotten that Mike (for some unfathomable reason,) despises fondant. Oh well. He can peel it off. Next time I will make him some without it.

I like cooking most times. If I did not, I would not do it. Kids are both willing to cook if I don't want to.

My mother was what used to be called 'a good plain cook.' She boiled the hell out of most things, especially vegetables. Meat was served grey.  It was not all bad, we had fresh milk every day from our goats, eggs from our chickens, and an endless amount of striped bass and bluefish (strangely she was good with cooking fish. That is to say, she did not overcook it, and she left it mostly alone. It needed nothing, screamingly fresh fish does not need messing with.)

I am more of an experimental cook. Some things are good enough to repeat, other things are just weird. I think somehow that there is just more of everything than there was forty years ago, more books, more food, more ideas, more stories. There is almost no effort needed to encounter something new, you can do it every day if you want. And it is almost no effort to find something out.

The world is better for it.
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