eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Can it be spring now?

I am home. Foot is much better, and I have no doubt it will heal well. My whole insides have been cleaned with antibiotics at level flamethrower.

Hazel was so glad to see me come home. She loves to run out onto the stair landing and greet people. She is not a face-smiling dog, but she does the wiggle and squint. She was wiggling and squinting as hard as she could last night, and I was very glad to see her.

While I was gone repairs were made to our bathroom ceiling. They took down all the moldy sheet-rock and put up new. They painted. Since they did not find the source of the leak, it will not last. But it is pleasant for now, and it discharges their duty to the court.

I had some story ideas while I was in the hosp. But I am not sure they make sense. I will have to write them to see. I will start that this afternoon. For now, a nap...
Tags: family, from brooklyn

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