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This is just cool

So cool!

In other news from the wide world of ooze-- Mike and I continue recovering from the flu. He ate some soup tonight and half a cheese sandwich. He also went to work and did desk stuff in a warm corner there. He has now fallen asleep on the couch with Hazel in his lap. She just loves it when people are sick. They are so warm, and they just sit around and smell really interesting. She would really like to put her tongue up his nose...

C went to school and is slowly prevailing against the infected leg. The antibiotic is very tough on her tummy though. It makes her throw up Despite this she is recovering her bounce much more quickly than an older person would. She just looks sort of pale.  I feel pretty safe with her at school because there is an actual nurse there all the time, with an actual office, and the ability to do medical stuff. Not all schools have that, although they should. I have talked to the nurse before and she seems sensible, efficient, and kind.

And I find myself thinking again, because I think these things, that this infection would probably have killed her anytime before 1950. At the very least she would have lost her leg. How blessedly lucky we are to be here now. She may have some scars, to remind her of this little escapade, and of course she will have the big dorky tattoo-- but she is getting better.

(There was a man in my town, when I was a kid, who was family to my best friend. He was 106. He had a son who died just at the start of WWll, because he was doing gymnastics and abraded his testicle skin on a vaulting horse. Infection set in, and that was the end of him.)

I am ready for spring. It is months away yet, and I am already done appreciating winter.

Goodnight, all of you-- stay warm, stay safe.
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