eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Cat and Cactus

We repotted son's cactus this week. And we got it a grow lamp. It is sitting in our living room on the red bookcase.Lyra has developed an unwholesome interest in it. She hops up there whenever she can and just feels it. Son is worried cactus will be harmed. Cat does not seem to think it hurts, and is very angry when we thwart her.

Husband says maybe she would like her own empty box of potting soil.It is a kindly thought, but even if she does not consider that a litter box,I am not sure I want a random box of potting soil to look after. Just one more odd thing in our house. ('Oh, that is the cat's potting soil...')

In other news, I dropped a casserole dish full of saurkraut on my foot tonight, where it shattered. Cut to my foot was small but deep, (and full of pickled cabbage.) Son made a very neat pressure bandage, and I took the rest of the evening off. I had a tea-cup full of hot saki, which I recommend if you ever find yourself in similar trouble.

I am so damn tied of the real world. I would like to go live on the Indy now.
Tags: real life, very silly

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