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Pouring snow today-- all day. The little flakes that mean business, not the big fluffy ones. These are snowflakes so tiny that they are almost invisible, and they seem to be rushing at the ground, not dawdling down like the big kind.

Daughter and her friend took Hazel sledding. I mean, of course they got on the sleds and went down hill that way. Hazel ran along beside them barking in a celebratory manner.  They came back wet and cold, clomping through the house dripping snow everywhere. Girls had ice encrusted hair and pink noses. Hazel had a sad expression because she had been bullied into her sweater. Her nose is black.

I had a bunch of beets in the house, and I baked them, and then made them into Borscht. Beets, onions, butter and cream. Soup. It was hot and very very pink. I also made brownies and a pork roast which nobody ate. The pork will not be wasted. We will have it tomorrow, or I will freeze it, and we will have it some day.

Husband had a job in Rockaway Beach today, and was outdoors almost all day. They are doing a mold survey on a building that was damaged by hurricane Sandy.

He was pretty cold and tired when he got home. At times like that, soup is easier to think about than huge hunks of meat.

Son said "This one was good, you know sometimes your experimental soups are-- unpredictable."

I cannot argue, but it is hardly an experimental soup. True I did not look in a book, but it is one of the great soups of the world. I was walking a well traveled road with it.  And the color is so cheerful.

Anyway-- off to sleep now. Sleep well, all you. Stay warm.
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