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The Big Flake

Sticking snow here in NYC today. Coming down thick and fast. Husband called in sick to work, he has studying to do anyway. He has finals this week in Organic Chem and Diff Eq. He is rightfully nervous.

Hazel went out today in her maroon sweater. That is the one that Nodbear says looks ecclesiastical. Hazel does not like the snow falling on her back, but getting her into the sweater is not easy. She makes a show of passive resistance. (In a dog her size the passive kind is the only acceptable resistance.) Like most animals, she hates to have her feet touched.

Lately I have been reading a lot of rather dry non-fiction. I had a book about the history of the idea of human rights. You would think that would be riveting-- but somehow it was dull. And other things like that too-- dull. I am sure it is me, not the books. Have been a little down this week. That tends to leach the color out of life. But  last night I put The Dark is Rising on my Kindle. It is a Christmas story, after all. I am reading it slowly, with care, tasting the words as I go. They are delicious.  It is so well written, just as riveting as it was when I was 10. And  "kids" books seem to cost a little less in the Kindle store than fancy, so-called, adult books.

Quiet day today. I plan on reading, writing, tea...
Tags: family, from brooklyn, real life
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