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Not the good kind of knee biting...

I have been accused, quite fairly, of having a preoccupation with the erotic potential of knees. I think I have even written about giving certain particular knees a bite-- imagine my surprise when Slate Magazine had a headline saying that knees were not good things to bite! I had to read and find out what they meant. But the article was kind of a downer, actually. It seems that a dismal time was had by all.

"I bite your knee, sir! This month’s naked-guy story comes from Manchester, Conn., where, according to Jesse Leavenworth at the Hartford Courant, cops found a naked, disoriented man named Jarees Robinson standing on a street corner. (According to police, Robinson later admitted that he had taken PCP.) After he was brought to a local hospital, Robinson became aggressive, allegedly going so far as to bite a police officer on the knee. Not to be a Monday-morning quarterback, but if this story is true, then Jarees Robinson could really use some lessons in biting. The knee is one of the top five worst body parts to bite: It’s not very fleshy, it’s hard to get to, and the person being bitten will likely retaliate by smashing his knee into your mouth, thus causing you more pain than you yourself delivered. If Robinson finds himself strung out on the mean streets of Manchester, he needs to go for an arm. And, just in case you were wondering, here are the other four worst body parts to maliciously bite: elbow (even less fleshy than the knee), armpit (hair gets in the way), foot (usually protected by a shoe), and teeth (redundant)."

Most adults do not bite out of malice. Or they do it as an attack of last desperate resort.  Kids do bite though. My son was bitten by another child when he was small, and daughter, long ago,  bit a classmate. She meant it in fun, but it was not treated that way. (I can totally understand a zero tolerance for biting at school.The average school-child has a nasty mouth.) Having the school call and say she was in the office, in disgrace because she had bitten someone was-- memorable.

So anyway-- knee biting. Interesting that all the spots Slate mentions as bad to bite are places where consensual biting can be lots of fun. 
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