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Hey guys, I am off, in the morning, to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. I will be without real internet until probably Sunday night. (I mean, I will have my phone, so I may be able to read, but probably not write anything of any value.

If we were driving, I would be nervous about the drive. I always feel that the Thanksgiving roads are full of elderly drunks. But we are taking the train, so that is not as much of a concern. The weather is supposed to be pretty dreadful. Not snow, I don't expect, but ice maybe.

Hazel will be with us. She is allowed on Metro- North. Cats will stay here, as I am sure they prefer to do. Yodel still has his stitches in. Son will be home here to supervise and feed cats. (He wanted to be with his gf.) So that is fine.

Maybe I will get a picture of Hazel in her sweater.

Happy Thanksgiving for those who do it, happy weekend to all.Wishing you all cider and pie!
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