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This turned up on Tumblr

I think this is an excerpt from 'Pilgrim at Tinker Creek' which I read years ago, too young. I was too young to know how good a writer she was and how hard she must have worked to make her words luminous, just right, not too many.

Anyway-- read this and let me know what you think. I think she is amazing. I have had encounters like the one she descibes, that icy moment when time just stops, and you have time for a breath or two maybe, staring at the eyes of a wild being. Deer, skunk, racoons, opossums, snakes, a tiny wild raptor once, no bigger than a half grown pullet, lying stunned on the ground. He bit me too. Wherever we stand in their world we intrude.

I have never encountered a weasel in the wild. I did encounter one in a pet store once, and it bit me, deep enough to be scarey. It did let go though, so I did not have to do the soaking trick although I know of it. (It does not work with otters, or beavers, so if one of them latches onto your hand you are in a real bind.)

I think I need to read 'Tinker Creek' again.
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