eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Thought you all might like to see the Dover Patrol monument in John Paul Jones Park. I cut through the park yesterday on my way to Fort Hamilton for shopping.

It looks as if there are monuments in England and France that are similar. Not sure why we have one, unless it is to educate people like me. I found a wiki about it that explains a little. It has a better picture of the monument too. That is just what ours looks like. I think all three are just the same.

Also, one last picture of Yodel. You can see his stitches here. Almost time to have them out. My mom  always did that herself, on pets, And I have removed my own when I had them. But his are so little, and the knots are so close to his wobbly tummy, I think I will bring him in to have the vet do it.

He is all done with his meds now, and really completely recovered. He seems to have more energy than before. I suppose he must have been sickening slowly for a while and we did not notice.

Tags: animals, family, ww1

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