eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Yodel is back home.

He has been provided with three nice medications. He has an antibiotic, a pain med, (narcotic,) and a muscle relaxer to relax his urinary tract. He is also on a special diet, which we will have to feed him for the rest of his life. He also has an e-collar, which he is not wearing. There is somebody here and awake almost all the time anyway. He has shown no desire to rip his stitches out. He poked them curiously the first day, since then he has left them alone.

He is full of goodwill and bliss. He has been sleeping and eating, and we are so glad to have him home!

I asked if he needed to give up his after work ritual with Mike. (They share a bag of Cheetos.) Vet called Frito-Lay to ask about their suitability for cats. They said they are not required to report magnesium levels. Nor did they know how safe their product was for cats. Vet said Cheeto time has to be put aside for now.

So now I can get my brain back, and I hope to do some writing. I am sadly behind.

Tags: animals, from brooklyn

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