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Just saying

Son, in a quiet voice: 'We have too many spiders.'

That would be opposed to a house where there are just enough!

He is right though. We have the spider that watches your bath, and the spider that lives by the coffee pot, and the spider that menaces whoever goes to empty the recycling....too many. Yes.

I am waiting for the vet to call, I do not know yet how Yodel passed the day, or when he can come home. I miss him. i think Hazel and Lyra do too.

I got some writing done today. Just a little, but I am cautiously pleased. The more days that pass without any such work done, the harder it is to get started again. I need to do some nearly every day. That seems best for me.



Nov. 14th, 2013 01:32 am (UTC)
Flour moths will go after anything with a powdery residue; crackers, pasta, cookies, cereal, etc. I even had some invade a plastic storage container and eat through paper to get to chocolate candy!!