eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Discover the knee?

A new ligament in the knee has been found (!?) you would think somebody would have noticed it before.

Also, doesn't the mythical pearly band sound like a group of highwaymen?

Also, in family medical news: Yodel goes to the vet today. He has been sitting miserably in his litter box, trying to pee, over and over. Not much comes out, and he seems dismayed.  Also he wet the floor last night. Sometimes they do that when it hurts-- they think, in their little kitty heads 'it hurts in the litter box today, I don't want to go in there.'

I think he has a UTI. I hope that is all it is. He is an older cat now, we are not sure how old. So far his health has been very good. But cats have fragile kidneys...
Tags: animals, from brooklyn, real life
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