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Bag Balm, uses of

When I left my mother's house this last time everything there was dead. Nobody lived there anymore. It is all to be sold or thrown away.  I took a few things I wanted, the sea-chest, the fleam, some papers and some art. And i took a tub of Bag Balm from her medicine drawer. It would have been purchased about 1982. It is the big size, intended for farm animals. I have heard now that they sell it in tiny tins for fancy women to keep their skin pretty. I am not fancy that way.

We used it in the house for burns and skinned knees.Chapped hands and mouths too. We used it in the barn for  goats udders in winter, it works well on skin of all beings as far as I can tell. I have a friend who used it on her own mastitis. We also mixed it up with kerosine to put on the chicken's legs to treat mites.

Tonight I put some on Hazel's paws to stop her licking them. It seems to be working so far.

My mother, who loved all dogs, would be so pleased.

And it reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where the woman comes to the door and says 'I would shake your hand, but I have just been putting lard on the cat's boil.'

Actually I think we did use it once to keep the scab soft when my mom's cat had a drain in his neck.  (Long story, but there was a whole summer there where the cat had loop of tubing which he would come and rub on your leg in greeting. Mom put a tiny cork in it when he went out on rainy days. He recovered completely, and lived to be 20.)

Hazel is a habitual foot licker. She is almost never left alone, she is a family dog who is pretty much indulged, but once you begin a habit like foot licking it is hard to stop. We say 'Hazel stop licking your feet,' and she will stop, but she begins again as soon as she forgets. Or sometimes we say it and she glares at us and leaves the room, or puts her foot out of sight, and starts again. Smart dog.

But it has now been about an hour and she has not licked her feet at all. So maybe this will work.

I checked of course that it would do no harm if she did eat some. But mostly I am hoping that it will taste nasty and she will be less inclined. So far so good...
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