eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Brooklyn pictures

Come up and see my etchings-- I mean ramekins... Cleaned my kitchen today, got rid of a lot of broken and dubious implements. I always imagine Tom Kyd thinking my spatulas and whisks are for torture etc...Anyway, things are much cleaner now.

I also have some pictures behind the cut of Brooklyn. This picture ought to link to them.  I had to go out yesterday for daughters parent-teacher conference. (Very stressful. Teachers are kind, but it seems  to just put me on edge. Also the teachers could be my kids, they are that young. They are so earnest, IDK, it is hard.) Daughter's grades, as usual are split between the 90's and the 50's. They are still counting attendance and conduct toward the academic grade. This makes me frustrated. It means that, at a time when her grades are the most critical, they depend on if she and teacher get along well.

Anyway, sorry to whine. In brief-- the work is no challenge for her. She has a bad grade in English, because it is the first class of the day, and she is often late. She is doing very well indeed in chemistry and geometry. ("It is easy mom, It is just lines and angles.")  And there is some argument to be made that putting up with a system that is stupid is going to prepare her for life.

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