eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Why does this keep happening?

Another school shooting. No child should die at school. And no math teacher should have to take a bullet protecting kids.

When my kids were little I always said 'Most grownups will help you if you are in trouble. Most grownups will fight an alligator for a kid who is not even family to them.' And it is true. And it is heartbreaking. Both my kids heard about today's shooting  with resignation. Both asked why, but  not as if they expected an answer of course.

As I get older these reports upset me more. There is a sort of cumulative horror.

When 9/11 happened my son was 10. He was at school. His teacher had to stop everything and sit all these little 10 year olds down and try to explain what had happened. This was not in NYC-- we lived in Illinois then. A teacher should not have to do that either.
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