eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Wallowed in several pasts

Reading about the evacuation of Dunkirk--not something I know much about. My first thought is 'What would Captain Pellew think?'

I don't really know much about WWII. And for years I could not bear to read about ships in peril. It always seems to be engine room crew that got hurt first. And even when I knew he was safely tootling through the ocean, I just couldn't put my mind there. No Titanic, no shipwrecks, no Indianapolis, no thanks.

Now husband is safe ashore. I can read about heroes with less trepidation.

He is having a good time with organic chem. He is struggling with Diff Eq. He is tired. Tonight, as he does every night he came home and unpacked his work bag, he likes to come in and read the mail and pat the dog, he has a little routine. And is one of those 'place for everything' people. (I am not-- it is well known that people who have a place for everything marry strewers like me. I suppose it results in hybrid vigor or something.) So I was rather surprised to find his notebook and school papers in the refrig tonight. maybe  Maybe there is some good reason for it. They will come to no harm, and be nicely chilled by morning.
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