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Spanish lessons are proceeding. i do an hour or two most days. I have finished with verb tenses, and future and past. I can pretty much read-- but I am still way to shy to speak it, and cannot understand most adults.

I can understand little kids, those piercing little voices help. And I can understand moms talking to kids-- they go slow.

But I don't count the moms, they are mostly saying things like 'No you cannot have the yellow one, I'm not going back, just eat the green one' Or 'stop hitting your brother,' Or 'Don't touch that..' In any language, those are phrases I know. (When I was a teenager I did a lot of babysitting. When I was about 14, years before I had any kids of my own, and before I had begun to study any any other language, I heard a small and outraged  child shrieking in French that she DID NOT have to pee, she wanted to go down the slide again! I understood her perfectly.)

I am hampered in my studies by the fact that I came through school in the 1970s. I was never taught grammar. I was not too clear on what an adjective was until after i was grown and married! (We had exhaustive lessons about sex, and we had serious perpetration for post-nuke apocalypse world. But history with no dates, and English with no grammar.)

Today's lesson had:

'Every day they are more numerous.'


'Some students are superior.'

In other news-- I am really freaked out about the government shutdown. Much of our living on money comes from the VA pension, and the GI Bill. If those are stopped by the shutdown we are going to be in real trouble.

Mostly though I am angry and baffled. When a bill is voted on, if it passes, it is law. That happened in 2010 with the Affordable Care Act. It can be challenged in court, but if it is not then overturned, that was your last shot. There is nothing after or over that. It is law, even if you don't like it, or don't want it. There is nothing tricky about it, it is not hard to understand. Pick up your things and go home.

The AAC was voted into law. It was challenged in the courts and upheld. Done. Going to happen. I think it is a very good idea. Some people think it is a bad idea. Time will tell. But either way it is the law.

Sorry-- I know for many of you non USA people this is dull and irrelevant. You guys already live somewhere where the sick and poor can see the doctor. I'll shut up now.

I just hate it when my country looks stupid and unkind.

I am reading Connie Willis-- Blackout. I had not read it, I love her other stuff, but somehow missed this one. Her writing makes me sort of weepy. Her time travel premise seems very real to me, and her people are such reluctant heroes. It just undoes me, every time. She has some themes that she returns to again and again, I don't mind that at all. They are things like, what makes a hero? How will you act when it really matters? What is the result of coincidence? How would history be changed if tiny things had gone differently?

There are big real questions-- I love the way she plays with them.
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