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Hi guys. The apartment was not suitable. Very small. . It was railroad style, which means in order to get to a bedroom you have to walk through other bedrooms.It would be good for a couple with one or two small kids. And no bookcases. Not what we can use. Still, the neighborhood was nice. We will keep looking.

The hair went off better. Husband took her and friend to a place on Canal St. He sat happily in the tiny salon while she got it done. I think he took them for coffee too. It is very blue-- quite dark. I pictured more of a light blue. But it will mellow, hair dye always does, and she spends a lot of time in the sun. She is right, it matches her dark blue eyes. But being so dark it makes her look a little peaky.

But they liked it at school. She said her crew teacher, (not rowing, but an anchor class, like homeroom,) liked it a lot.

Daughter is sad because she will not have band every day this year, but only twice a week. But she got chemistry for science, which she wanted. They have a college visit on Wednesday. The big college push starts this year, two years out. I remember when nobody bothered you until you were a senior.

it seems cruel to me to tell kids who are 15, 'Don't experiment, or change your mind, don't make mistakes, everything is on the record now.'  At her age she should be able to fumble around. She is not an adult. It is silly to expect her to know what she is doing with her life from here out.
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