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On Monday daughter starts 10th grade. She is ready to go back to school after goofing off all summer. She is starting with high hopes, I hope her teachers are kind, and I hope she is able to take in all that they have to give her. She is all set with school clothes, tomorrow husband is taking her to get her hair done. Her hair is a pretty reddish brown. It looks good, it goes with her face. I am used to it.

By tomorrow it will be blue. C points out it will match her eyes. Yay for her going for what she wants. I like her hair the way it is-- but I will adjust.

We have found a place for rent that I would like. It is cheaper than where we are now, and it is near another park for Hazel. It is in a quiet part of town. It would be quite good if we get it. i have hopes.

Did Spanish today. a few phrases--

1.Upon leaving the station I saw a mouse.

2.In spite of this, she opened the window

3 They have to stop drinking

4 You can spend the night with us

5 They left without knowing

6 She has to know..

7 He arouses his peers

I think arouses is used in the sense of 'wakes up.' But it is funny anyhow. As usual, I have the sense of a story just out of reach.
Tags: from brooklyn, real life, very silly

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