eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

It Must Be Done

Title: It Must be Done

Author Eglantine_br

Kyd/Marlowe Story

Word Count 250

It Must Be Done

“It must be done.” The man was implacable. Kit did not raise his gaze to meet those eyes. He knew there was no hope.

“He is on the recusant list for Canterbury. See here, he paid his fine for missing services, paid faithfully, never missed. Even when the fine went up. Here are the dates, here and here, and here."

The man was standing close enough that Kit could smell him. He wanted to step back, he did not. The long finger pointed at the entries.

“The law says he may pay, and worship at home, if he does not wish--” Kit's voice felt thin.

“The law. Don't come prating the law at me, boy. Fining the Papists fills her coffers yes, but but the monies show us where to look, who to watch. You know this. Did you think we look no further than London? You are not a fool.”

“No Sir.”

“We suspect guests that they do not report. If they are doing no wrong why not report them properly? They buy more food than they should. The Queen will not make windows into men's souls, but by God she will watch their actions. We have been watching them for some time. We need to tug to set the hook. Go home Kit. Visit your mother, comfort your father in his old age. And watch his neighbors. I will expect your report upon return.”

“Aye, Sir.”

Christofer took the papers, the heavy bag of coins. He put them into his sleeve pocket. He bowed his way out. After all, there was nothing he could say.

Tags: fiction, kit marlowe

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