eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Cuttlefish? Anyone?

Bought some weird-ass flax seed corn chips last time I went shopping. Meant to use them in gorp, but they never got included. Went to eat them last night, and thought I would have to throw them out directly. They tasted like fish. Not rotten or anything, but absolutely fishy. Son happened by, and I had him eat some. He said that he could not taste anything odd -- and that my palate had been ruined by 'giant cups of donuts.' Now I have noticed in the pat that son does not have much sense of smell. (There was one notable occasion at my mom's house where he could not locate a dead mouse...)

This morning husband tried the chips, and said they made him think of dried cuttlefish. He allowed that this was ok in corn chips as long as a person was prepared. (But his palate is pretty well wrecked from years of Naval food.)

Son, as I write, is defiantly eating them, claiming he cannot taste anything like fish.

So, does flaxseed taste of fish? Is it supposed to? And why, if so, would anyone want fish flavored corn chips? 
Tags: family, real life
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