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I am reading 'Kraken' by China Mieville. Have not read very much by him over the years. But I am enjoying this book. It has a particular richness like a heavy mousse cake. Deep flavor, if that makes sense. It is a story that makes you do quite a lot of work for the reward of the plot.

And I am meeting words that I do not know. That almost never happens to me. I don't just mean words that tickle because I am not sure of all the tastes of meaning, I mean words I have never seen before.

I feel ashamed of not knowing them. I am quite sure that the author is not deploying all the words I don't know. This man has better tools than me, and he is using them with skill that I don't have.

Here is a list. Maybe you guys are friends with these words.









Ruction and Haruspex gave me a tingle of recognition. I would not have used either word with confidence though. Husband knew Asymtote, because of his studies. I can guess that some of the others are Greek derived. i made a note of the words, and let the story whisk me onward. It is a good story. I won't spoil it, but there is a giant squid who is preserved in a jar, and he is a God. And it is a story that has a place-flavor. I like it. I am sure it will make a little more sense the second time through.

I am writing today too-- should have something up about something, tonight.
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