eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

The story is just out of reach

Spanish sentences:

It is the size of an egg
Nothing good is ever described as the size of an egg. It is never an emerald, it is almost always an abscess...

It is an enormous bear!
Complete with a exclamation point, so I am guessing we are not at the zoo.

The knife is useful
Against the bear?

The spider eats bread
Sort of a relief, I guess

I was in his vest last month
Another thing I cannot imagine ever saying

I have been sort of neglectful of my Spanish lately. I have been doing the open courses on epidemics and Tudors. (Black death every night here guys!) Also I can knit while I watch the Yale stuff, but for Spanish. I am making a scarf which Rikibeth says is Hufflepuff colors, but which Mike keeps calling the Heffelump scarf. (Are Heffelumps Hufflepuffs?) It is yellow and black. It makes me think of bumblebees. Also, I will have made it, so I am damn well going to wear it this winter!

But lessons like that last one lure me back.
Tags: family, very silly
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