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Meet the Tuareg, Have an Egg-cream

I did not meet them to speak to, just to smile a little. Husband met the band, and helped sell some T shirts. But I got to hear them perform at Lincoln Center Outdoors last night.

Husbands uncle is one of the organizers of Festival in the Desert. He has been going to Mali every year for years now. Only last year he could not go, as it was too dangerous there.

Last night was New York magic, in all it's sweaty, sore footed, surreal, astonishing Beauty. Everyone looked a little strange and lovely. Lots of older people, my age and up, lots of babies.A surprising number of young kids.  Few teens and 20's. My daughter came and brought her friend.  There were two police who walked around together, smiling. Good nights work for them, and they get overtime pay for it. There were dogs, There was a tail wagging joy-wiggling cop dog, who did not have her mind on the job. She was wearing a vest that said 'K-9 Police, do not pet.' but she just wanted to have a good time. It was hard not to pet her.She was sort of a beagle-ish thing. She was a sniffer dog, probably trained for explosives rather than drugs. They choose the sniffers for nose ability but also kind appearance. She had that. There was also the most enormous Great Dane I have ever seen. He had the sad dignity of the giant breeds. He accepted being patted as his due, and leaned his head against my middle for a moment. I have seen ponies not much taller than him. His ears were so soft.

The music bore some resemblance to jazz it had that 'you think you know where we are going-- nope, hah, fooled you--' thing going. And indeed the music of that place is the ancestor of blues, jazz and all that came after. It is in the pedigree of the music of the US, and that which spread to the rest of the world. It was heavy with drums, but not metal sounding drums, warmer than those and closer. The voices came in over that, high, and sometimes singing, sometimes making that back of the throat uvula sound, a call to travel over distance. It made me feel like the top of my head was floating off.

They made all the announcements and introductions in French, and I could not really keep up, but it was ok. I think they sang in French too-- but it sounded like nothing I had ever heard before.

They wore onstage the clothes they wear at home-- light floating robes, loose pants underneath, head coverings that can be brought over the lower face. .They protect against heat and sand and sun. I have seen the wise men depicted wearing those clothes, no need to change what works. Flattering too. Husband says his uncle wears them when he is there.

Anyway, here is the link

As for the egg-cream, i had that this morning. Contains, famously, neither egg nor cream. Delicious. I had it for breakfast. And coffee too. I did not buy any of the 12$ tiny cups of wine (daughter said, who 'who would buy those? Just bring a bottle from home!')  but I still felt kinda dragged out.  Now I should get to work. Laundry, people to feed.
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