eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Slightly Sunburned

Took Metro North out to New Haven on Friday. We left out of Grand Central, Husband and me and Hazel, daughter and daughters  friend. Hazel did her usual tail wagging saunter through Manhattan, she loves the busy streets. We had a quiet train ride out to Connecticut.

The weather was cool enough to be comfortable, but warm enough for the swimming pool. The two girls were in their bathing suits within an hour of arrival. I was too.

MIL has a golden retriever who does not go near the pool or swim because nobody has ever shown her that she could!! In ground pool, she could just walk in. A retriever, forsooth! She is meant for duck hunting in the frigid dawn.  Instead she lives in suburbia, and gets called Munchkin. She weighs more than 80 lb. She is an affable dog,  as most goldens are, but really, she is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Evening came on slow. Daughters friend had never been to Ct before. She is from the Bronx. The bats came out, and she got scared. We have bats right here in Brooklyn, and they have bats in parts of the Bronx too, but she had never noticed them.

The next morning I was up shiny early. I had a friend coming over to play! Everyone else went bowling, but I spent the afternoon and evening with Rikibeth! We ate Boston Cream Pie, and went swimming ourselves, and talked and talked about everything, and everyone. We did the kind of talking where one subject leads to another and another, ideas tumbling like ferrets,  and I think we laughed a lot too. I rescued a honeybee from the pool, and watched her dry her wings and fly away. Lifting the bee in my hand made we think of my mother. She was utterly unafraid of animals, and she used to do that with bees.

So that was wonderful.

Then it was today, and suddenly time to go home.

I am getting along with MIL much better now. She is on some antidepressants  and it makes her much less unkind to me. (See, we can get along if we are both medicated.)

New York is lovely to come home to. Son had stayed home with the cats. He is lovely to come to  also. Lyra is in heat again. It makes her want to dig up his cactus, I don't know why. She wants to paw in the dirt. Large prickly cactus, no deterrent.

Dogs and cats are weird.

Anyway, tomorrow is cleaning. House needs it. Then writing. Sleep well all you people out there, or get up and have your coffee all you other time-zone people.

I was thinking of you all this weekend.
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