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After 25 years my bed is his...

Husband found me open courses from Yale-- early modern England (Tudors and Stuarts,) and epidemics of the modern age! He knows just what I need/like. He is not asking me to be interested in something else,(like his mother, who said once that I was at fault for not sewing up cute little crafts to sell.) He is totally happy for me to wallow around in bacteria and men with swords and no underwear. I feel a lump-throated gladness that he does not try to change me, he just quietly points it out when he sees something I will like.

  I won't get any sort of credit, but I can learn stuff! All the lectures are on Utube.

He is taking an open course in organic chem. He has a real credit course in the same coming up here locally, (night school,) and he figures that if he watches the Yale lectures he will have a kind of head start. That is the hope, anyway.

Evenings are interesting here-- we get quite animated about the things we are finding out, and try to explain them, to each other and the kids. He has to use props. I flatter myself that my explanations are more... human.

Of course I am hoping to get ideas and underpinnings for my Marlowe story. It is tempting with him to think that because some parts of his life still resonate, that it was really not that remote and alien. I have to remind myself quite vigorously, that it felt/smelled/sounded like nothing I have ever known.There were no public libraries, no upholstered furniture, nobody had invented the sandwich..(I am devoted to eating a sandwich on the sofa while reading a book!) And .there was no concept that people were equal to each other down underneath somewhere.

Of course you guys know all that. I am just saying I have to remind myself, and hard. I hope this course will help.

I am still doing the Spanish-- just nothing weird lately.
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