eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

To Hot to Brain

Stupid with the heat here. You may have noticed I have not written anything at all in a week! But I cleaned my kitchen today. At a certain point heroic effort is worth it to avoid the whole family getting food poisoning because I have not made with the bleach.

And i had a nap after that and had a really rather pleasant dream where W. Bush came to visit me on the Vineyard. it was the late 80's in my dream-- so he was a good 120 years off. But it was lovely.

And I dreamed of the sound a manual typewriter makes when you type along striking hard with your fingers, and then you give it a swipe and the bell rings. That sound is more or less gone from the earth. It meant a lot for a while, it drove everything. Now maybe they will preserve it in museums.

Also I was listening to my phone, as you do, and realized that I have Dr Faustus immediately followed by Parliament Live. The juxtaposition amuses me for some reason. You have poor Faustus, (who is such a self -insert for Marlowe,) being sucked down to hell, and the language is old and clear and lovely.    And then that insouciant horn 'Make my funk the p-funk, i want to get funked up...'  We saw George Clinton  in concert once, at a college, outdoors. My daughter was about 4 at the time, and went down to the very front and danced her little heart out.

So, scattered thoughts, dreams, memories.

Now off through the heat to the store. Art is art, but life is something else. We are out of kimchee and peanut butter.

********** Obviously, i mean William Bush, not 'W' the former president*********
Tags: family, real life

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