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Office Visit

Title Office Visit

Author Eglantine_br

Rating G-ish

Word Count 382

Spoilers None

Disclaimer I did not invent them




Office Visit



October was fading into the sky. The dog-watch was ending, and they sat shoulder to shoulder, watching it go. The water had blackened in the West, closest to the sky. The horizon was deepest blue, discernible for another five minutes perhaps, Horatio thought. To the North, stars were visible above the level of fifteen degrees.



The light was almost gone. The wind was fresh, it blew against their chests, pushing them backwards from their cold hands gripping the lines. The Indy appeared to swing below them, but it was they who slid across the sky.


“Its so beautiful Archie.” Horatio smiled into the wind, relishing the cold against his cheeks and teeth.


“I know.” Archie was looking at him. Horatio looked down.


“Is it always like this?” Horatio persisted. Sometimes if he pretended not to notice Archie's provocations – well usually that didn't work.


“I tried to get you up here for a month, you know, Horatio. Took you long enough.”


“I was afraid I'd puke.”


“Well? Do you feel like puking now?”


“No.” Horatio's voice was lost in the wind, but his kiss, was swift and warm.


“No one can see us here.” Horatio said.


“Why do you think I was trying to get you up here all month?” Archie said. He rested his warm hand on Horatio's thigh, snug up against where thigh ended. Horatio slung an arm around his waist to hold him secure. Horatio sighed. It felt so good having Archie's hand there, alone, the two of them, under the sky.


They sat together, warm where they touched, and chilled through everywhere else, until hunger for food drove them down to the crowded heat.






They were studying when the word came down. That is, Horatio was studying. Archie was reading his battered little copy of The School for Scandal.


“Pass the word for Kennedy.” A voice called down the ladder. Horatio could not tell who was speaking.


Archie stood, “Captain wants midshipman Kennedy.” The voice elaborated to some other voice.

Archie's eyes went wide. Horatio saw his dry swallow. Archie did not glance at Horatio. He did not look at anyone. He squared his shoulders, and he went.

Tags: archie/horatio, fiction

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