eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Not flying rats

Today I had a cool experience.

Son has a sore throat, and I consented to run out in the rain to get him some cough drops. And this took me by a little place I like a lot. It is a little flower stand, set up on the street corner, where a Spanish speaking family sells flowers. They set up in the morning, under a little metal awning, everything fresh, every day. I do not buy flowers-- cannot justify the expense usually, but I always stop a moment to admire them as I go by, and they smell so good.

They are all there together, all day, a man, and his wife, and a little fat baby, and now that school is out, they have several kids there too much of the day.

Anyway, today it was absolutely pouring, and I was trying to stay close to the buildings so I could stay a little dry.

As I came up to the flower place i noticed something flapping among the flower pots. I came in closer to look.

There had been pigeons this summer nesting in the metal gutter. Two half grown birds had either decided to fledge today. They had tried to fly, and had ended up in the flowers.

They were so foolish looking! They had grown up shaped bodies, and wing feathers more or less, and fluffy yellow pinfeathers on their heads, like chicken chicks.

So I reached in gently, and took one, and the flowers man took another, and another man climbed the metal shelves where the flower pots sit, and we put them back up. They are safer up there. Silly babies!

If I did not have two dogs and a cat already I might have tried to make a pet of one.
Tags: family, real life

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