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Surfaces again

Hi guys.

I want to say thank you for all the kindness and good wishes sent while I was in the hosp. I am taking a variety of pills now, here at home, and am feeling increaingly better.

Husband has left the house, just now with a shopping list. It will be interesting to see what he actually comes home with. He and the kids have been fairly awesome in the last two weeks.

I have not gotten any writing done, or any Spanish either in ages now. I have not even had the sort of crisp thoughts that can be written down. I have had slow, wandering, feverish thoughts that are totally useless.  But today, maybe. I can imagine Marlowe looking at me with his eyebrows up, making a 'ppfft' noise at my inconstancy.

So, I will write. I will. But first I am going to clean my kitchen and make some food that I would actually like to eat. I am going to make a babka.

We had a babka in the house when I left, a week ago now. I had not had any, but I was planning to. I thought of it all week, while I ate the nasty hospital food, (or more often did not eat it.) Well, you can see this coming, right? Came home. It was gone. Daughter and her friends ate the whole thing. (She said that they had never had one, and they liked it, so that is something at least.) But anyway, gone.

They are not that hard to make. I have made them before, so that is the answer. Obviously.

Other than that, very quiet here today. Yodel has been loving the air conditioner. We have a chair right in front of it. He likes to climb up in the chair and stand with his ears back and mouth open, right in front of it. Silly cat. Then he lies down on his back and lets the cold air ruffle his stomach fur. Maybe I can get a picture later.

Hope you are all out having fun.
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