eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Pictures of goats and sheep and monuments and towers

I had some pictures saved up. Son helped me put them up. This one is the new World Trade Building. Finally done.

If you follow the links there are a few more pictures. The woman with the goat is my mom. The goat is one that I do not know. We had a similar toggenburg goat, but none of ours had horns.

The bridge is the Verazanno. It is a very pretty bridge. Really big too. You might know it as the bridge in 'Saturday Night Fever'  (Long time ago-- right?)

The girl in the stripes with the lamb is me. (Even longer ago.)

And the park with the monument is dedicated to John Paul Jones. Over here he is a hero-- quite rightly. My husband calls him 'JPJ' which I find kind of funny.

So, here are links.
Tags: animals, childhood, family

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