eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Not one of those days but the other kind

Today I had a day with dread phone calls.

It is so hot here (mid 90's and humid) that I felt my brain was sitting like a puddle of melted butter. And i had to put on my big girl voice and call strangers on the phone.

We ordered up an air-conditioner last night, and there was a problem with the billing of it. I had to straighten that out before it could be shipped from Texas or Pluto or whatever.  And I had to call to find out the whereabouts of husband's air sampling license.

Well-- the air conditioner thing went fine. The problem was on their end. So somewhere out there is a machine destined to be ours. I feel less miserable just knowing that.

And the people at the Dept of Labor in Albany are sweeties! I think they must just be bored and lonely and wanting to talk. I expected them, to be like the DMV, but they were more like human beings. Delightful.

So, done with dread phoning. Time for groceries of Doom!.
Tags: real life, very silly

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