eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

This is neat

I really do read things other than the NYDailyNews.

Anyway-- have a link.

It looks very clean,

Dolphin looks quite pleased too.

In other animal news. Hazel got her stitches out today. I ended up taking her in, rather than doing it myself. I wanted the doctor to look at her incision.

All is well, and she acted very polite at the vet. We walked back from Park Slope afterward. It is warm, and there were lots of other dogs to meet, and people jogging, and babies in strollers. She used very good manners, but after about 15  blocks she said that she was done. She sat down on the sidewalk, and that was it. Took a while to get her going again.

She is wiped out now. So am I, actually.
Tags: animals, family
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