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I am a dork for epidimiolgoy

Beautiful article in the NYT about the man who developed MMR vaccine.

Seeing everything through the window of the past, I wonder what a doctor like John Hornblower, or even the much maligned Dr Clive would have thought of a medicine to prevent-- nearly completely-- death by contagion in babies and kids.  Horatio lost his tiny son and daughter from smallpox. He and Maria grieved and tried to go on. As so many did.

Both Thomas Kyd and Christofer Marlowe lost siblings from unrecorded disease. We don't know what they had, but it was almost certainly something we can prevent now.

Sometimes I think that this old world is just as mean and wicked and hard as it ever was. We  fail, every day, to treat others as we should. We could all do so much better. We fail as a planet to pull in the direction of the common good.

But this is, I think, a bright spot. Less sick and dying babies has to be a bright spot.
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