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Jamestown Findings

There has been a dig going on at the settlement place in Jamestown Virginia. We have had accounts all along of 'the starving time.'  Now it appears clear that the English settlers resorted to cannibalism. This is actually something they had reported all along. But now there is sad proof that it is so. They were ill prepared, and they had absolutely terrible luck.

The settlers at Jamestown had much worse luck than many others. Plimouth had its own 'starving time.' A third died-- but they were resupplied better, and had support from the local Wampanoag people. The people at Roanoke vanished, but there are no signs of violence or force. They may have been absorbed into the local populace. Earlier settlements at Ft Caroline, and St Augustine, even managed better survival.

'The Tempest' was supposedly based on Jamestown.

Anyway-- here is the link. There is also a facial reconstruction of the girl they are calling Jane. She is ordinary looking. She looks like someone we might know-- makes it sadder, to me.
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