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Some catching up

Today was the annual festival of lost tax documents. It involves cursing and recriminations. It involves stupid questions from stupid people on stupid forms. Even when a person is trying to be scrupulously honest and careful, the questions make no sense I find.   The task makes us both cranky, but husband minds it less-- so he is the one to do it. We got to the bottom, only to get an answer that made no sense. (At least I hope it makes no sense. it was not what we wanted to see--) So tomorrow we go to find some sort of professional help. As always, I just want it to be over.

Spring has come to Brooklyn, at last. The trees are not out yet. But the closed buds are visible, and the grass is greenish. The ground never froze hard this winter, so that cuts down on the mud and standing water. Most years of my life spring has meant standing rain or melt water that cannot soak into the ground until the ground thaws. That leads to classic New England mud season. (You know the joke, New England has 4 seasons--leaves,  road plowing, mud, and road repair.)

Son is dealing with the DMV. He is in the last stages of getting his drivers licence. Once he has it he can work on the ambulance. You would think that getting a state drivers licence would be easier than learning how to do all the medical stuff. (He actually already knows how to drive, he just needs the state to sign off on it.)

Our family is on some weird semi-nocturnal schedule. Husband is working 3 or 4 days a week, from 7 am to midnight. This is to allow remidiation of contaminated buildings without having to close them entirely. New York is so silly. If some people are wearing Tyvek suits and respirators, then the buildings owners might want to consider closing for a little while. Husband is also going to school at night. He is very tired.

Anyway, the disruption is making my writing slower than usual. I am writing a little every day. I am just a little dismal in the gemlike flame department.
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