eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Something to like about Brooklyn

I stepped briskly down the street today, and entered a small store where hits of the 1980's were playing.(they were paying Manic Mondays,) I bought: a set of sheets, heavy duct tape, pony-tail holders, cat food and contractor bags. Had I wished, I could also have bought: a hookah, male enhancement pills, pirated dvds, and snack food.  I did not purchase these last things.

Now I am going to clean my kitchen, change my sheets, patch that  hole in my floor, (the chair wheel keeps getting stuck in it.)  Then I will put my hair up and and make a cheese-cake! (That ricotta I thought I wanted is not going to leave the fridge by itself)

Suppose I could get the same things at Walmart-- but I don't want to shop at Walmart. I would rather give my money to the man here-- who has his kid in the school down the street, and lives above the shop.
Tags: family, real life

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