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Civil War Sailors Interred

There were several articles. I like this one. It includes the facial reconstruction. Of course they would have had beards, (at least the older man,) and they would not have looked quite so much like Clark Kent.

Husband watched a video about the burial yesterday and got quite weepy.

I get emotional myself, but not choked up with goopy patriotism. I just have a real dislike of shipboard disasters. (Any ship.) After trusting him to a ship for 20 years, I am still not ok with ships sinking!

Anyway, they got samples to try and chase down the DNA. They may figure out someday who these men were.




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Mar. 10th, 2013 05:54 pm (UTC)
The Civil War was a turning point in nearly all aspects of warfare. At sea, it marked the beginning of change from wooden, sail propelled ships with broadsides of short range guns to steamships with fewer, longer range guns. "Monitor" soon became a "type" of vessel, many of which were built and used during the War Between the States. Even later, I believe the term referred to a sort of floating battery... a relatively small vessel with one or two large guns installed. Seem to recall hearing of them during the Spanish/American war and even during WWI...at Gallipoli?
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