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Quiet day at home

I am quiet at home today.

Daughter is back to school after President's day holiday. It is very cold here. I am watching a PBS show, where David Tennant talks about Hamlet. He picks the play apart, and talks about his thoughts about the part, and the historical context, and he talks to other actors and historians.

Some thoughts:

First, DT is as cute as a bucket of puppies. He has very nice brown eyes. (The show keeps showing him staring wistfully over the Thames.)

He gets to see the first versions of Hamlet-- the first folio and the so-called 'bad folio.' And he is so squeeful.

And he has a very nice voice when he is speaking as himself. It is a brown velvet warm voice. It goes with his eyes.  And it has intelligent things to say..

I kind of hoped that they would mention Thomas Kyd. He is thought to have written the first version of Hamlet. But they did not mention him. Oh well. He also pretty much invented the revenge play in English. I am sure all the people in the program know about him, they maybe just did not have time to fit him in.

In other news

I am making Hot-Cross Buns. I found some in the store a few weeks back, and brought them home. Family devoured them, so I thought, 'how hard can it be to make them?' They seem pretty simple. My only concern is that my yeast is kind of elderly. I proofed it, and it is alive, but slow to respond. So we will see.

If they turn out I will post a picture.
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