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Books this week

Both on Amazon, used and for cheap. Have wanted the Nashe book for at least a year. Halfway through it now, and very happy.

He was an acerbic little guy-- feels different to me than Kit does. Kit's worldly bad boy persona feels like a brittle skim coat to me; not so with Nashe.

Anyway, book is big fun.

Pretty ship

She is so pretty!


It seems a shame that they can't sail around on her more. Castle Island and back is not much. But when she is well, and not being repaired, she is supposed to be there for visitors. That is more important I guess. Strange that it is so easy to see the beauty of a sailing ship, when I do not see it in a car or a plane, which are the modern equivalents. Has the world become less lovely? Or is it just easier to see the lovely when it is old and strange to me? The Constitution was a war machine, after all.

I have had three weeks of being at home, and being me instead of a phone voice with an assumed name. I have filed for unemployment. If Mike's experience is anything to go by, it will take months to arrive... I hope not. I called my job today to find out about the last paycheck. They were kind enough to try to induce me back. They said I would always be welcome to change my mind. Good to know, and I thanked them for it. I do want to find something different though. So far I have not been looking very hard... my own capacity for laziness is really pretty stunning.


Better picture of Daisy. I like her looks. She is a sort of old fashioned looking cat, like one in an early American painting.

She is settling in well now, quite friendly after all. She strikes me as quite young. Have not seen her teeth up close, so cannot be sure. (When you have one from a baby you accustom them to having mouth opened up and teeth etc checked. Good to be able to get in there if you need to do it; but cannot do that with her.

New Cat

We have one. She had belonged to our neighbors. They were neglecting her. She spent many days shut in the shared hallway, with no box, food, water from them.

I began putting food etc out for her, and she was very shy, but crept out to eat it.

This month neighbors moved. They offered her to us. (Husband was delighted-- he wanted to steal her anyway, said they did not deserve such a cat.)

So here she is with us. They did not provide a name. Perhaps she did not have one. Their toddler son seemed to call her something like 'Daisy.' So she is Daisy now.

She spent the first few days hissing and hiding. Now we are able to see her a little more. She is still hand-shy. Food is a big deal for her

Lyra, Yodel and Sabir are curious but accepting. Here is picture:

Happy Birthday

To Horatio! And to USA also.

I am here

Here in hot damp Coney Island.

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Little stray thoughts

All day at work I make phone calls. Many of the numbers just ring, empty. Some are answered by a real person, in that case I pull my wandering mind back, and I say what I am supposed to say.

Surprisingly often there is a spark of human connection. A question, a moment off of our scripts. (They have a script too, although not written. It says 'Go away,')

The answering machines though-- I think they are like ghosts. In 200 years will we collect them, like the old photos on cabinet cards? Where will all the voices go otherwise?

My mind wanders, but sometimes I like my job.

Another stray thought. 'Walk ins' are freezer rooms. 'Step ins' are under drawers. No wonder English learners get puzzled!

The sun, at it again.

Dawn in Coney Island. Very quiet, buds on trees. Dandelions yesterday. Birds are making nests. Saw one proudly flapping away with a cigarette butt.

This morning I broke my glasses. Alexander fixed them splendidly with a dental probe, and steel wire. They have a sort of stream punk look now, but I can see to read!

Mike got up at 4am as usual. Zander already up. So I got up too. Family chirping away like the silly birds before the dawn..,

How are you guys today?

This is just to say

I am also on Tumblr and Twitter. I like them both. I am the same name at both of those. Or you can just search the person who is into Marlowe and AOS. That would be me. I am sad that so many people seem to be leaving LJ. The refrain of 'it was good for a while, nothing lasts forever,' makes me quite downcast.

But for long-form writing LJ is perfect for me. I hope to do more 'real' writing in the future. Please don't give up on me as I have been lazy/busy/sad. I do not want to disrupt the situation by looking for a new place to make a nest. And new people are still coming to LJ. I love to see new names, and read what new people have to say.

I enjoy reading here, and I like writing here, and that is good enough for me. So look for me here, if you wish.

Octopus RNA stranger than we can think

Check this out, you guys. Pretty amazing.


Warm sunny quiet day here. My day off. I am putting aside all the things I don't want to think/worry about. Nothing I can do about them on the weekend anyway.

I have all the next 10 days off. My charity call center that I work at is staffed and owned by Orthodox Jews. I have Saturday off, therefore, and the whole long Pesach holiday. I will rest... I have been working 10 hour days for the last week.

I hope you guys don't think me disrespectful doing fund raising for religious charities in a religion not my own. I raise donations for ambulances and hungry kids. I can make a pretty voice on the phone and memorize a script. Phone sales I can do, not much else I can do is salable. I would rather raise money for hungry kids than sell overpriced things to the reluctant or gullible. My coworkers know of course that I am not Jewish at all.

Like any job, there are days when I am not enthused. But for the most part it is interesting. I get to talk to people all over the country, each phone call gives me a little slice of life, I can hear babies or dogs, I can speak to people 100 years old. For the most part everyone on the phone is kind, even when they realize I am calling to ask for money, even when they say no.

Today is opening day for Luna Park at Coney Island. From now until October the rides and the fireworks and the hot dogs will be in play. We live a block from the beach, a ten minute walk in the sand from the ferris wheel.When the wind is right I can hear the carnival music. You all should come visit!