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So, a hurricaine maybe?

At least no ship-worms are predicted.

Norfolk Va. has moved all its ships "safely out to sea." As they persist in calling it. Means they won't bang into each other, or the land, but I feel such anger every time I hear it described as safe. Stupid.

It is too early to say, but this one looks as if it may tumble along right up the east coast. They often hook out to sea after a destructive romp in North Carolina. This one may not.

I was in a smallish hurricane in 1991, on the Vineyard. We lost power. Lots of trees fell over. Everything was ok, otherwise.

But I grew up on stories of the great storm of 1938. My parents went through that one. Lots of deaths, people riding roofs of houses out to sea. Complete reorganization of the New England coastline.

Damn thing caused trouble all the way to Quebec. (Really, look it up, its true.)

Of course this was before modern forcasting, and warning, and all. But some part of me worries.

Stay safe you guys.



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Aug. 26th, 2011 07:07 pm (UTC)
I've been following this on the news and was starting to get worried about you right about now. The idea of being at sea in a hurricane is horrific :/ I really hope this one does hook out to sea but if it doesn't, I hope everyone manages to stay as safe as possible. Promise to stay safe and keep checking in won't you?
Aug. 26th, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
I will check in as best I can, but may loose power if it comes. Right now I am trying to refill daughters meds, and thinking about extra water. etc.

My brother wanted to get out to our old house and redo some of the shingles. I could have done it, but there was not enough time. Don't want to get stuck out there with no ferry service either.

Right now the weather is warm and quiet. Perfect early fall, almost no wind, blue sky. That is how it tricks you...

Do they have hurricanes in Scotland?

Edited at 2011-08-26 07:44 pm (UTC)
Aug. 26th, 2011 08:38 pm (UTC)
Well I sincerely hope you, your family and your old house in Ma all stay safe what ever happens. I'll be thinking of you all weekend and checking online anxiously.

Do they have hurricanes in Scotland?
Not as such, but the Outer Hebrides where I was brought up do get hurricane force winds and record gale force for an average of 50 days each year. As a result the storms don't have a massive impact as there is very little out there to blow about. Not even trees! (See icon) The exception was one horrendous storm in 2005 that resulted in tragic loss of life. I was in Glasgow at the time but I still remember that night vividly.
Aug. 26th, 2011 07:53 pm (UTC)
My dad spent every summer in Maine and used to tell me about going through one in the rickety 1860s farmhouse they lived in there. They hadn't so much as boarded up a window, because HIS dad refused to believe a hurricane could make it that far...never mind that they do, again and again. He told me about his dad running outside during the eye to nail some boards over some windows. I've never known what about his story was a true memory, or how bad the storm was, but it really stayed with him.

I hope you get through the storm OK. A little story inspiration, at least?
Aug. 26th, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)
I can believe it. Parts of our Ma. house are very old, (for the US!) about 1750. House has been through many storms. It may leak, but I have little doubt it will stay up.

New York, however is freaking out completely. Mandatory evacuations from certain areas. Not us,thankfully. Subway will close down. That makes sense, it fills with water, being underground. I still think it may come to nothing. We'll see.
Aug. 27th, 2011 06:56 am (UTC)
Let's hope it will be a catastrophe of the same magnitude as the recent earthquake. ;)
*hugs* You stay safe!
Aug. 27th, 2011 10:05 am (UTC)
Thinking of you = as I think I maybe said before I wsa in a very mild hurricane when in New Negland in 1976 - it was routine for people I ithnk but of ocurse to a teenager from Wales where we have wind and rain but never like that- it wsa dramatic.
and the mess =even from a relaitvely minor one.

keep us all posted as Anteros says - attaching Indy icon as as hopeful symbol
Aug. 27th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
I cross my thumbs for you, too. We had a storm in 1990 blowing down all the trees. They lay like matches - all in one direction and that wasn't even a hurricaine. It looks horrible from space @_@... saw a pic yesterday. My! Stay safe and hope the best!!!
Aug. 27th, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
So far all is well. Some rain, and very sticky. Looks like there will be lots of water, and floody stuff tonight and tomorrow. Wind and tide and rain will converge at some point.

My brother has gone out to the island house. He will probably be stuck there a while, but he has managed to lay some shingles, so to minimize leaks.

We are all just fine here. Dog is freaking out, but all well so far.
Aug. 28th, 2011 12:20 am (UTC)
They are now putting us under tornado watch, might have 8 foot storm surge. It is hard to tell how much they are ovverreacting. Height of storm tomorrow morning will be at high tide. So we will see.
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