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Makes me think of Stephen M

This is something from my hometown paper. Thought it might be of interest. The Elizabeth Islands are mostly uninhabited now, but they have the most beautiful names--- here is a link about them. I have never been out to them as they are mostly for seals and fishing. But you can see them from the Vineyard easily, and you pass by them on the way from Woods Hole on the boat.


And here is the one that reminded me of Stephen Maturin


A rule to live by

Today is a stupid paperwork errands day. Things to be faxed, taxes stuff, chits of various sorts. I am sitting in a hallway right now, waiting for a kind faced lady inside to eat a sandwich at her desk.

And the rule is this: Always always bring a book. Not that any of you guys would fail to do so-- but I would be pretty miserable right now without one!

First Night

Title: First Night
Author Eglantine_br
Rating R (smut)
Word Count 1975

First Night

He had intended to lie. It was a smaller sin, certainly, beside the looming Levitican one. But Thomas had asked so soft, and his breath had been sweet against Kit's skin, and his eyes had been dark with his own want. Kit had answered true. “No, I never--”

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Topical topics

I wish they could sentence this asshat to live on the earnings of the average citizen of the USA. And to be forgotten and ignored, and to have not health insurance.(Like my son who cannot pay for his asthma inhalers...) No need even to imprison Mr S. This would be enough to wreck his life.

And how dare he name his wickedness after Turing!!


In other happier news, I hope to have some Kit fiction up today.

Also also, is is 60 degrees here, and foggy. The wind roared all night and the snow has melted. We are having April. I am just fine with this. Sabir has decided he can only pee on the very top of snowbanks. I had been letting him clamber up to do it, but now the snow is gone and he whines and searches and looks up at me as if it is all my fault. He says he is going to hold it until next December

You should read a book

A book that I am reading now. 'City on Fire' by Garth Risk Halberg. It is about New York in 1977.

Intersecting lives the great blackout is coming, Aids is not quite on the horizon yet, punk rock is a thing...

I would have understood less before I lived here, but I think it is worth reading anyway. The writing is breathtaking, luminous.

An endorsement that means more than mine comes from Steven King. He describes it as 'the closest thing this past century has to the great American novel.' I concur.

Stick of the morning, beautiful stick

He is coming along. After a month he is reliable indoors, good on his leash, able to listen pretty well mostly.

He knows the routine of food, walks, sleep. He is lost some baby teeth, he is really into chewing. His poor gums itch.

No more worms. His insides have settled down too. But he has a puppy check-up tomorrow. They will worm him again anyhow.

He is good with the cats, but they spurn him and sometimes take his food.

The only thing we have not done is leave him alone in the house. No need there is always somebody here. And he is clingy. He cries if I go into the bathroom.

Anyway. Here is a picture. We have had him a month this weekend.t

Jan. 28th, 2016

My parents were newspaper people. My father had, in my young childhood, been the managing editor of a medium sized city paper. To read, they took in three papers a day. I remember them passing them back and forth over the eggs and toast, then reading at lunch what they missed on on the first pass. And talking until it all made sense...Politics and the motivations of people was to my family what sports are to some others. Pick an event apart, who are the players? Why did they do that? What should they do next? What do you think they will actually do? Even kids could play at that, and if I played with them, I was allowed to speak at the table.

They did not know or care much about sports or celebs, but local politics-- and national-- that I absorbed from them. Motivations, always useful to think about.

So: Buddy Cianci. He never made the national scene like Gerry Studds, or Michael Dukakis. (Or the Kennedy family,) but he was a local guy. (Rhode Island is local enough to Cape Cod.) He was very old school Rhode Island, He was not polished, he was practical as a shovel. But his voters loved him. And he loved Providence.

I had it in my head that he was actually elected from prison-- not true. That was James Michael Curley, felon and bamf. Curley was before my time of course. He was the origin of 'early and often.' (Refers to voting, get your brain out of the gutter.)

Cianci was a link with my past. And the hearing of his name today, when I have come away so far, was like catching your hand on a familiar nail, a strange little pain, because you forgot to remember.

And he is gone. How strange.


Yodel's lair

He spends hours each day in his cubicle. It allows him to be above Sabir, out of drafts, and with a clear view of the bird feeder.

He is getting old, and is now very fat. We don't actually know how old he is-- he was grown when we got him, but it was 7 or 8 years back now. So he is perhaps 10?

I thought this was neat


Anecdotal as we do not have a complete list of who did and did not show up. I like the idea of the country being book-ended by two snowy states.


Jan. 23rd, 2016

Stomped to the store to buy onions. Daughter made onion soup. Took some pictures.