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Really relaxed policemen

Got police report from my accident. Did think it was a little weird that the police who came to the scene said 'We are not here to blame anyone or find fault.' I kind of thought that was part of their job.

But they were true to their word. Report does not seem to find anyone at fault. I am fine with that. Nobody got hurt, that is most important always. Not sure how this will impact repair of my poor car though.

Othet driver was a kid, not much older than Claire. She cut abruptly in front of me-- a mistake of inexperience. It was her dad's car.

I am noticing now that the city is full of people who function as adults, but who could be my kids. Weird.

Still here

I have been pretty scarce lately, but I am still here. I have just allowed myself-- as I should not-- to get all preoccupied with the daily stuff of life. And the thing about the daily stuff is this: it just keeps on coming at you.

We had a computer disaster which resulted in loosing the entire Linux hard drive. That had my ongoing writing saved on it. It was not a lot, but I will have to do it over and that seems daunting. Still have Windows, but since that was not acting as the primary it is less fun. (If anyone wants to give me a jump-start with some prompts for Hornblower or Marlowe I will try to fill them. It might help with the hesitation on the diving board... I hope you don't think I am weird for asking, but if there is anything you would like to see, I bet it will help to unstick me.)

Got into a minor car accident, nobody hurt, and the car still goes, but it is not pretty anymore and I have some worries about the suspension.

Husband is in finals week, stressing about his tests, and stressing about his classes over the summer. He is doing pretty well, actually as far as grades and test scores. He usually does, but he finds it nervous-making.

Son was accepted to start in the fall at SUNY Buffalo! This is wonderful good news, and he is very excited. Now we just have to do the FAFSA, and all the hoops to get him there.

Daughter was accepted at several schools, but now feels she would like to take a semester off and go in after Christmas. This is ok with me, 18 is so young, there is no need to rush.

I can hardly imagine my house without them. It will be really weird. I have been a mom with offspring at home for half my life. I am going to try to enjoy their company this summer, it will never be quite this way again.

Hope you are all well out there.

That poor monkey

Not Florida, but in the spirit of Florida somehow.


Embezzling from the Girl Scouts happens a lot I have heard. I have no love for the Girl Scouts, (long story involving bacterial Pneumonia,) but this guy seems like a jerk. I hope the little girls get their cookie money back, I hope the monkey gets a new home.


re fic hunt

It turns out that I do have a few stories from Horatio's return from the pit. They are mostly from Archie's pov. It is not surprising that they were hard to find-- they are from 5 years back!




Hope this helps! I am curious to know if the way I imagined it seems right to you.

All grown up

The first time she went to the polls she was in a snuggli. Then a stroller, then a little girl hding my hand.

Today she cast her own ballot. If you look closely you can see she has gotten her sticker. Do you get stickers outside the USA?

Our polling place was an elementary school. That is pretty usual. And it was really busy which is unusual for a Primary.

November will be here before you know it!

Cicada time

The cicadas are coming this year! Several news articles today using words like 'pest.' 'plague,' and 'earplugs.' Decent explanation of essential harmlessness and weird life cycle. There are several groups, offset, so they do seem to come more often than every 17 years.

I remember finding the carapaces halfway up trees, as a kid, translucent, beautiful, alien. By the time my son was small we had a really good microscope. Up that close they are just astonishing. The legs especially have fearsome looking spines for climbing trees. We talked about what it would feel like to climb out of the ground, up, up through the warm soft earth, never having seen the sun, not knowing what was up there. How brave. And what it would feel like to take off your skin which had gotten all tight and itchy and just wrong, and have a fancy new self underneath-- with wings!

Here is a link which I hope works. It suggests eating them. I never did that! Says they taste like cold canned asparagus. Who eats that? Would that imply a salad?

No, they are not to be eaten. They are to be marvelled at. They are beautiful, and their song is the sound of summertime.



Underwater news this week

Maybe an animal that is so bright and self-aware does not belong in a box? I think zoos and aquariums are fine, but the octopus does not seem to like it.


And also in underwater news:


What a long way we have come since my childhood. We are so much less distant from the other animals now. I like the world better this way.

Edit: Lets try a different link



All right. I guess i am not using the chair this morning....

Evening in Coney Island

Quiet here tonight.


Title: Dreamboat
Word Count: 765
Author: Eglantine_br
Rating: Silly G


Justinian, off Spithead

The rain had come with sunset, a deep sound audible through the bulkhead. And it came in, because Justinian leaked, because all ships leaked. So here in the dark the dirty water came, to fall onto Archie with an irregularity that wrecked his sleep and made him want to shriek with frustration.

Read more...Collapse )
“No!” The whisper was adamant.

“It was just a stupid dream. The kind that seems real and then makes no sense once you wake up. I dreamed we were going to a different ship, some sort of research vessel. Except it was made of steel, and it was all red. It had no sails.”

“Did you learn the name of this pinnacle of sea-worthy perfection?”

“I did-- but you are going to laugh at me.”

“I won't laugh, I promise.”

“You are laughing already.”

“Only a little---” Archie bit his lip.

“All right,” Horatio wriggled in his hammock, and Archie did not need light to know that the dark eyes sought his own.

“She was called-- Boaty Mcboatface. Stop that! You said you wouldn't laugh!”